CJB Realty & Property Management
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About CJB Realty & Property Management
» Our Mission

The principles of the business have an extensive background in international commerce, business development and all facets of US Real Estate.

Our mission is to work with Real Estate related businesses and their investors; providing them with the experience and expertise in all matters relating to sourcing, investment and management of US Real Estate.

» What We Do

CJB is an internationally owned real estate service provider. Headquartered in the USA, with secondary offices in Europe, CJB takes pride in offering the following niche services:
  • Property Sourcing - CJB researches, analyzes, sources and distributes real estate investment opportunities across the USA. These range from fund based propertyinvestments through to individual properties.
  • Brokerage: - CJB is a fully licensed Brokerage across multiple states in the USA which enables us to transact properties, comply with all regulatory requirements and offer full protection to the investor.
  • Closing Services - CJB is a licensed Title Insurance Agent and is experienced working with developers as well as with international clients, managing their property transaction seamlessly from start to finish.
  • Property Management - CJB offers a service driven approach to property management specifically tailored to the international investor. From sourcing tenants to investor reporting.
  • Association Management - With a substantial number of properties under management and with intimate knowledge of many developments, JMA offers Association Management services to Home Owners Associations.
  • Resale - The majority of our clients have invested in US property with a mid-term goal in mind. With a number of licensed realtors part of the JMA team, full access to the MLS, and partners on a global basis - client asset disposal is in capable, proactive and knowledgeable hands.